Run Long

I will know what you have done

By the time you let go

You will try to hold it down

Or incite a war

You wanna fight but you like to lose

Run long. Run long.

You will see your oldest one

Come along and grow up

She takes steps in that sun dress

And while you wait, she will hum

Run long. Run long. Run long.

Try to live my life with no paradigms

Try to see, my love, you'll be alive

On empty

By the book

Why'd I need to be at fault?

Wanna feel like home

It was a long time coming

I leave wrapped in your arms and you said,

“This is how you end and how I begin”

What you've gone and done

Is light up my life full stop

Run long. Run long.


  • Piano / Programming / Synths / Guitars / Vocals
    • Nick Ball